Hybrid Meetings: More Participants, For Less

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Arrow Electronics is a Fortune 200 Company, with sales over $16 Billion. They’re also a global company, with a network of more than 340 locations in 53 countries, with 12,700 employees worldwide.

They asked us to help them produce Quarterly Internal Events, for their global workforce. Staged at their corporate headquarters, the program needed to include both local and global employees, all at an extremely low budget.

So we designed a plan that integrates several technologies; a standard meeting at headquarters, broadcast using extremely economical video technology, with the signal simultaneously sent via an unusually economical satellite technology domestically, and via the Web internationally. And we also incorporated live Q&A, so the employees were more engaged, and felt like they were part of the process. What’s more, we coordinated everything worldwide, and went on to produce many more similar programs.

The program quickly became a hit with everyone; the Execs were comfortable, and felt we made it easier for them; the employees were more involved, and felt that they had a more direct handle on the direction of the company. And the Communications Director was even happier, because we’d provided an easy solution, all while cutting the budget! To date, we’ve delivered hundreds of presentations with this approach, extending our clients’ reach, and engaging their audience, no matter where they’re located.

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