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The Fort Orange Club

The Fort Orange Club is a 130 year old private club, steeped in tradition, with a long, rich history. In essence, it’s the premier private club catering to the crème-de la crème in New York’s Capitol.

They wanted to build a website which would impart elegance, sophistication, and the club’s traditions, while still offering enhanced, secure functionality for members, and unsecured information for guests. In fact, there were four challenges for this site:

First, it needed to provide a wealth of information – some of which changed weekly. Second, it needed to reflect strong club traditions, and the look and “feel” of the club. Third, it needed the ability to allow members full, secure access, while also offering guests unsecured access into certain areas. Fourth, it needed to serve a broad spectrum of members, with varying levels of computer/internet experience.

To solve the challenge, we created a sophisticated, rich design, with an elegant, yet simple navigation interface. In fact, the navigation is so clean, it’s simple to navigate. We also designed coding that offers two distinct access points into the site, (guest and member) while offering easy content changes by administrative staff.

After the overwhelming club approval of the site, the overall awareness of the club and membership grew, along with increased traffic and usage of the club’s function areas. Not bad for a simple, yet elegant site!

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