Power to the People

GE Energy

GE Energy knew that global energy needs were going to double in the next 22 years (what took 100 years thus far), and that even closer teamwork between GE employees and customers was need to meet the challenge.

They turned to us, asking for a vehicle that would dramatize the challenge, while motivating the audience, reminding employees and customers of the important work they do. Plus, they wanted to emphasize that GE Energy s 100% committed to providing responsible power to the people of the world.

At the outset we determined that two separate versions of a single video were needed; one for customers that focused on their needs and concerns, and another for employees. However, we also identified common elements for both target audiences, which helped to ensure a more cost-effective budget.

Our creative approach focused on individuals; real people who were being helped by GE’s solutions, around the globe. We also wrote and recorded a custom song, set to a contemporary, uplifting music track, to heighten the impact of these powerful stories from around the world.

The video became the centerpiece for GE Energy’s mission, and has been premiered at international corporate events, on GE’s Intranet, and in multiple other venues worldwide. More importantly, it scored high marks from our client, and has led to several additional projects. Above all, we’re just happy to help reach the goal: An engaged workforce, motivated by a global understanding of their contributions, helping to Power the World, Responsibly.

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