The Greatest Gift

Protective Life Insurance Company had come up with a totally new life insurance product and needed help in how they launched it. The target audience was for people over 55 years old! A bit odd since companies generally like to sell life insurance to younger couples. In this instance, Protective was using its life insurance product as a vehicle to get grandparents to think about leaving a legacy – to their grandchildren.

Our solution was to produce a video that was warm, emotional, and utilized a soft appeal to grandparent’s as to how easy it could be to leave a lasting legacy to their grandchildren. Imagine if you would, leaving a nice amount of money that enables your grandkids to achieve their dreams; college, travel, new house, starting a business – you name it.

Since our video was not a cold “explainer” type of video, it was able to achieve excellent results. We were able to weave illustrative examples of how the insurance product paid out while using strong video imaginary. This enabled the target audience to emotionally and visually understand the impact of their lasting legacy while still being able to understand how the process worked.

The video is being used to this day leaving its own lasting legacy.

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