Meetings: High Adventure, Down Under

Protective Life Meetings

A large percentage of Protective Life’s sales are achieved by marketing their products to independent Insurance Brokers. Therefore, an important component of their marketing is an Incentive trip for agents, incentivizing them to write more business with Protective. The client had already selected Sydney, Australia as the destination, so our challenge was to design and brand an Incentive Event that would increase sales, while positioning Protective’s products and brand. And as always, we needed to top our performance in previous events for the client, raising the bar ever higher.

First, we themed the event, choosing a creative approach designed for the adventurous, Type A psychographics of our Target Audience: “High Adventure Down Under”.

Next, we produced a series of promotional pieces, and a Theme Video that promotes the exotic allure of Australia, while showcasing the strength of Protective’s products. Working closely with our client, we then designed an exciting program that included an exclusive concert at the Sydney Opera House, a highly-charged evening of entertainment with internationally renowned pop stars, business events promoting new product rollouts, Gala Awards Evening, and a unique Set and staging production featuring Aboriginal entertainment, business messages and a variety of activities, not to mention a trip to the Top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Throughout the event, we staged every aspect of the production, and produced a Highlights Video shown at the Final Gala Evening Event, combining strong business messaging with the emotional camaraderie created by the event. To increase value, this program was mailed to agents as a DVD afterward, along with a web version as well, all as a reminder of Protective’s service and value.

This event was an integral part of a record-breaking year for Protective’s sales. But we can’t take sole credit – it’s just one example of achieving success by working in partnership with our clients. And, while several components of the program went on to win creative awards, our greatest satisfaction comes from helping our clients reach their goals.

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