The Video That Just Won’t Quit

united Technologies

United Technologies is ranked in the top 50 of the Fortune 500, and is the parent company of world-renowned names such as Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Carrier, and many other notable divisions. While the company was enjoying a good year, the CEO’s objectives were to dramatically improve performance, and deliver results much faster than before.

So they turned to us, asking us to produce the company’s premier event for UTC’s top executives worldwide. Plus, we needed to produce video content that explains the message, to be used in subsequent follow-up Meetings and Events around the globe, so the top executives could carry the message forward.

Additionally, the concept of “do it faster” needed a unifying theme, one that would work for all internal audiences on a global scale. But we had a secret weapon: years of communications experience, coupled with talented creative staff. We knew that our Target Audience were essentially Engineers in one way or another, so we used that knowledge creatively, focusing on engineering feats where acceleration or increased velocity resulted in quantum leaps, both in terms of inventions and projects. Using the theme “Accelerating Performance”, we also drew upon the company’s successes, illustrating the breadth and momentum of UTC as a whole.

In the end, we were happy that the meeting was highly successful, and UTC went on to generate record profits. But perhaps even more unusual, the Theme Video was so effective that it’s still being showcased today, over a decade after its initial production! And, as UTC acquires new companies, we simply update it, to keep it fresh and accurate. It’s perhaps one of the best examples of generating exceptional return-on-investment for our clients.

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