Web Video: 152% Sales Increase


The power of video over the Internet continues to be a boon for companies both large and small. One example: the Website and online videos we produced for VISTA. Our client wanted a more effective way to get powerful sales tools into the hands of their insurance brokers, and a tool to help people plan for retirement better. Plus, there was a strong educational component – we needed to teach Brokers the system before they could roll it out to their Clients. Enter VISTA…. Valuable Income Strategies for Transitioning Assets. The site offers video tutorials and powerful calculator tools, so brokers and clients simply enter their information and goals, and a comprehensive plan is downloaded instantly.

What’s more, the videos are seamlessly designed right into the site itself, as a powerful, interactive tool which adds to the depth and richness of the user experience.

Just one part of the site is a complex calculator, designed to help Brokers and clients plan more accurately. And to help them, we utilized live-action host to walk them through the process. Plus, our approach also ensured repeat visits, as Brokers and Clients return often to check on changes in their approach.

The response was overwhelming, and soon after rollout thousands of brokers were using the site on a daily basis. And perhaps most important, the client more than doubled their sales growth in this product area, with 152% increase following the rollout.

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