GE Wind Energy Flash Presentation

GE Wind Energy Flash Presentation

When GE Wind Energy needed an in-depth marketing presentation produced in Flash animation, they turned to us. What’s more, they needed the entire presentation in just 4 weeks. Yikes.

This wasn’t a broad-brush overview. Instead, it was a very detailed interactive presentation which explained the complex advantages of their Wind Turbine technology, including the maintenance and improved efficiencies. What’s more, the end users are engineers, so we needed to provide in-depth interactivity, with scores of pages and animation.

We fast-tracked the entire production process, managing the complexity with tightly organized teams. And throughout, we crafted a clear, cohesive story that takes prospects through the process in a logical fashion, demonstrating how GE can maximize their return on investment through improved efficiency.

After 4 weeks of intensive work (and too much caffeine), the final result was a cohesive Flash program in a small streaming file for low bandwidth, distributed to GE Sales Engineers worldwide, on time and on budget. Whew.

Click here for a sample.

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