E-Marketing Video Success

E-Marketing Video Success

Online marketing and e-marketing allows us to reach your target audience faster, more cost-effectively, and with more sophisticated analytics than ever before. Case in point: our recent campaign for Protective Life.

Our client needed to reach more independent Insurance Agents and Brokers, convincing them to learn more about Protective and to subsequently attend Protective’s conferences – proven to be a valuable sales platform for Protective’s products.

We designed their online marketing campaign strategy, focusing on a key advantage that Protective has: Agent/Broker Support and Stability. In the wake of the economic crisis that hit the insurance industry hard, Protective remained relatively untouched, posting record profits.

But other insurance carriers were cutting back (and still are), and many agents/brokers were experiencing the toughest slowdown in their history. Through our market research we found that they were frustrated by the lack of support and appreciation from other carriers. By focusing our creative on the agents, as “Everyday Heroes”, we emphasized Protective’s appreciation and support, while also making agents feel good about the service they provide – helping families to protect their financial futures.

As part of the email campaign we also created a “teaser” promotional video, promoted via email with a sophisticated, carefully crafted email message and link to the video. The video resided on our hosting platform, encoded in high quality video with short load times of just 3-5 seconds for most users. And, since the video was embedded in Protective’s website, after watching the video viewers were given more information and the option to register or find out more.

The campaign was a smashing success, and registration for the event went through the roof. And, Protective also got a list of new prospects, with analytics that helped them determine the right course for follow-up.

All in all, not too bad for a campaign that cost a fraction of the normal promotional budget.

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