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Visual Planet was honored by two international awards competitions that recognize outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, writing, direction, shooting, and editing of audio-visual materials and programs: the Ava Awards and the Marcom Awards.

We won the following awards.
A Platinum Ava for Albany Law School Admissions Video in the Produced for a School category; a Gold Ava for Ryan Community Health Center in the Fund Raising category; a Gold Ava for Protective Life Insurance Company VISTA Microsite in the Web Training category; and Platinum Marcom Awards for Albany Law School Admissions Video in two categories: Web Video and Educational Institution.

Between the two competitions, there were over 6,700 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries. Entries include film, analog and digital productions viewed in a wide variety of mediums from movie screens to televisions to computers. Entrants include video and film production companies, web developers, advertising agencies, PR firms, corporate and government communication departments, producers, directors, editors and shooters.

Both competitions are sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The international organization consists of several thousand production, marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, and freelance professionals. AMCP administers recognition programs; provides judges and rewards outstanding achievement and service to the profession. Judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry.

In addition to the accolades received from the AMCP, Visual Planet was recognized with several other awards. They are three Videographer Awards of Excellence, for the Albany Law School Admissions Video, for GE Energy’s Mission Vision Video and for Ryan Health Center’s Friend Raiser Video; an Aegis Award for Albany Law School’s Admissions Video; and a coveted Telly Award for GE Energy’s Mission Vision.

Protective / West Coast Life Fall Cruise

Protective / West Coast Life Fall Cruise

Setting Sail

Producing a successful Corporate Event is always a bit of a challenge, but how about doing it on a Cruise Ship? What’s more, how about doing it twice?

Visual Planet did just that, for the best and brightest at Protective Life and West Coast Life Insurance Companies.

To help make it a success, we produced online video promotional materials in advance and hosted them on our event-specific website. Then, for 8 days we produced all the corporate events, including the staging, interstitial videos, and a Recap Video. As if that’s not enough, we also took advantage of having Protective’s people on board, and shot HD green screen footage in full digital format (no more tape!), for use in marketing and recruiting later on.

It was so much fun, when the cruise arrived at its final stop, we turned around and did it in all over again on the return trip, for West Coast Life. Oddly enough, only one crewmember got seasick. Or was it his losses at the blackjack table? We’ll never know for sure.



The power of video over the Internet continues to be a boon for companies both large and small. One example, the Website and online videos we produced for VISTA. Our client wanted a more effective way to get powerful sales tools into the hands of their insurance brokers, and a tool to help people plan for retirement better. Enter VISTA…. Valuable Income Strategies for Transitioning Assets. The site offers video tutorials and powerful calculator tools; brokers and clients enter their information and goals, and a comprehensive plan is downloaded instantly.

In the process, we made new advances in long form online video without sacrificing video quality. As a result of our efforts, the images are clear, sharp, and most importantly… start playing in a couple of seconds!

Utilizing a live action host to tell the story, we also converted hundreds of the client’s pre-existing PowerPoint images. In order to make them clearer, we developed an unusual process that resulted in cleaner, clearer slide images, at a fraction of the normal cost. Bur even more importantly, the entire site takes brokers and consumers through a simple, step by step process, seamlessly integrated into the website itself. Check it out at

Ryan Health Network

Ryan Health Network

Ryan Health Network in NYC needed a communication vehicle to enable fundraising and to allow marketing and awareness of the health centers as an important source of medical services for both insured and uninsured residents in Manhattan.

Visual Planet responded by producing a short, highly targeted fundraising video and a longer, services oriented marketing video. Both videos emphasized the Ryan Community Health Network’s founding philosophy that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

For the fundraiser video, we needed to personalize specific messages, enhancing the emotional appeal that a fundraising video needs, while also providing the needed information. To achieve this, we got up close and personal with staff and actual patients and made their personal experiences very real while discovering how the center has impacted individual’s lives.

In the longer health network marketing video, the viewer discovers the tremendous breath of services and what a vital component the various centers are to the health and well being to a large portion of Manhattan residents.

It was a challenging assignment since we not only had to shoot in three major health centers, but also had to be mindful of privacy and health related issues. We never had a lack of people in our shots as the Ryan Health Network Centers are extremely busy places. We were honored to have worked on this project due to the important services and impact that Ryan Health Network has on the communities that it serves!